Friday, August 8, 2014

1 Year

1 year, yes I said 1 YEAR! My baby boy is 1. He's not a baby anymore. His little personality is peeking through and let me tell you, it is not the sweet demeanor we once thought it was. He is quite the stinker. He's got a sweet shy smile when he wants to but he can fall on the floor yelling and then cry to the heavens as JR will say. We're still not walking all the time, he eats like a champ. 

His daily feast contains fruits, all kinds, veggies, beans and anything else he can get in his mouth. He will let you know if he dislikes it by throwing it as far across the room as he can. 

He says ought oh, no, mama, dada, hi and thank you. 

He says noes, can point to his (sort of), and point to yours

His favorite toys are balls and cars

We're down to a bink at naps and bedtime

He loves giving hugs and kisses and he is definitely a momma's boy

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