Friday, August 22, 2014

Lincoln's 1st Day of Kinderdarten

School? Already? Where did my handsome little baby boy go? He's so grown up and I can already see him handsome, lanky and sweet at 17 years old telling me he's ready to graduate high school and become a grown up, leave home and start the next chapter in his life. Life is so beautiful, so sweet, but fleeting and bitter all at the same time. I am so thankful for the time I have with my boys while they are small and with the start of school I have been taking advantage of sitting on the floor and playing with them, holding them tight, talking about things wild and crazy little boys talk about and give them as many kisses as I can get in. I want them to remember that I took the time, I showed the love, not how clean our house was or how many project I completed, or how good the food I cooked was (although it is pretty good). 

Lincoln is loving school. He's done great, and I'm happy to report only two small incidences in a month. Phew. It can be hard to tell how things will go for your strong willed child, and he has been one since he's was a baby. 

Happy Kindergarten Lincoln James. You are sweet, smart and will make great things happen!!

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