Friday, August 8, 2014

Summer visits

This summer has been full of fun family visits. We had Aunt Carol here with us over JR's birthday, although somehow I managed to get no pictures, not a single one. The summer, or lack of summer has left us somewhat of.... behind. To.say.the.least. We had a good old time watching Grant eat his first cake while she was here and just enjoyed family time. 

We also had Uncle Michael here for a visit. The Huff family hadn't seen anyone from Tucson since the year we got married, eight years ago. And Michael hadn't been here since I was 15, which was only 10 years ago..... don't try to make sense of my math. Just go with it. In addition to enjoying the company we splurged on food while Michael was here. He likes to eat. Everything. Anything, really. He's so much like my dad it's crazy to have them side by side. 

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