Tuesday, April 23, 2013

2013 Thunder Airshow

We have wanted to take Lincoln to the Thunder Airshow for the last two years but it's always been cloudy and difficult to get down to the river. This year we parked on the hospital parking lot where we could see the airshow but not have to fight the crowds and traffic. It was a beautiful day and both boys LOVED the air show. I can not tell you how many times I heard "Airplane Mommy, airplane". Everytime one went by, they were so excited.

Both boys wore their hats, Wyatt has all of the sudden decided he loves his hat and wear it everywhere. This is exactly how Lincoln was when Wyatt was born  and I think he's adorable in his hat. Lincoln however has moved on to wearing daddy's straight billed national championship hat, which is a little ghetto for my taste but he loves to be just like daddy and I'm ok with that. I just love my little family and can't wait for little boy #3 to get here and find out who he is going to be. Such joy and love all around!

Bathroom progress. We're almost done with the trim work, just a little more to go but I can not tell you how much better it looks! I am so excited.

Vegan, raw key lime pie, deliscious but even better with chocolate on top. Totally ruins the healthy effect but of well.

27 weeks. This time I think I'm going to only take belly shots by showing the porportion of leg that is covered up by food vs belly. And since I love to eat, especially sweets this will be easy to do.

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