Friday, May 10, 2013

4 and almost 2!

Lincoln James Huff, you are the sweetest but most trying child I have ever met. Every morning you come in our room at an awful unknown hour and get into bed with us, then you stealthily start bothering and asking if it's awake time.  You've learned that pregnant mommy is in no mood to play so you go straight for daddy who is more willing to oblige. You bother and bother and bother until someone responds. You've even started putting your finger in ears, pry eye lids open with your fingers and just kick and nudge enough to get someone moving. At the first sound of someone up you're right there. I really wish you would learn to sleep. This of course is after the 2 hour delay tactics at night to get you to go to sleep. You have really started to come into your personality too. Gone is the little boy who would throw a fit when asked to dance, sing or talk. You bust a move in the middle of Home Depot, with people watching!!??! You talk to cashiers about Go Cardinals, Batman and your brother. You sing! Yes, you sing. And you love to sing. We've replaced reading books, which you have most of our books memorized, with singing everynight. You love Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Loves the little Children, This little light of mine, The itsy bisty spider and of course Here comes Tony's Mailbag (thanks to Daddy). You and Wyatt are getting more independent when we play outside. You help guide your brother around the yard and I love hearing you yell "Come on YY" "Y over here". Of course you still bother your brother to no end and the frustration of playing referee is never ending for mommy and daddy. I know you're going to fight, for the rest of your lives, but I only hope and pray you and your brothers will be best friends forever.
Some of the funny things you've said and done lately:
On a trip to Target on our way to look at the toys you asked me why we were going to look at the toys and I told you because daddy said we could. Your response "Yeah, he's just a good man"
In the car daddy was snapping his gum, loudly, and you started asking "Daddy, what's the noise? Are you just crapping?" Well after you repeating yourself loudly several times over our laughter we realized you were saying clapping, phew, thank goodness.
Contention, you still have contentions and you talk about them often.

Now you're 4! 4 years old! You were so excited about your birthday. We had a day of it with cupcakes at school and then the funpark where you played mini golf, ate more cupcakes, played endles games and rode gokarts. Pictures of the day to come!

Wyat Daniel Huff. You sir are a handful. A sweet and wonderful little man but a handful nonetheless. You are a mommy's boy and I love it. You must say "mommy" 1.5 trillion times a day and want to be held and in my lap at all times. You do not like for anyone to take your mommy or her time away from you. As much as your brother is a daddy's boy you are a mommy's boy. You are also super lovey lately. I get kisses from sun up to sun down, and we're talking big wet, smacking kisses. You also give alot of kisses away too, to anyone you think needs one. You love your big brother, you guys hug at bedtime and first thing in the morning. You're constantly concerned about where Bubby is and what he's doing. You watch him like a hawk and repeat everything he does. You're dances have a Bubby feel to them. You will do anything to make him laugh at you, which you do quite often. You also have a scowly side. Your rants are hilarious although we're trying to get your furrowed eyebrow, angry gibberish and pointing to stop. You quite often tell Lincoln what he's doing wrong. You love to take your shoes off in the car, which drives us mad. You like to pout and when yelled at you immediately get crocodile tears rolling down your face. You're very sensitive. You're a great sleeper. You started sleeping in your toddler converted crib with no problem. Your first night you were thrown for a loop and cried for about an hour because something had changed. You have only gotten out of bed once, knocked on the door for a drink and then promptly got back in bed. I am so thankful so that. We will see what happens when you move to the big boy bed in brother's room. You are also very particular, about everything. Which blanked you use, which animal you sleep with, where your star dog goes in the bed, if you hold the bowl or I do, if you feed yourself or someone else does. You let your opinion be known, always. You're also very social, you love to say hi and bye to people everywhere we go.
You're not ready to potty train although you are more than aware and smart enough to. I learned from my mistakes with your brother, like most first time moms, that it's better not to push it with the potty training. You will come around and make it much easier on all of us when you decide it's time. I still see too many moms pushing and pushing their children who can't verbalize the need to go to the bathroom, or do most of the work themselves pushing their children. Just relax and it will happen when it happens. Hindsight is 20/20.

Wyatt you're about to be 2 in 2 weeks. I can not believe it. I will have to write this post all over again in a few weeks because you both are changing so much everyday and it's so much fun. I love you both with all my heart.

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