Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween 2012! If I have to hear Lincoln talk about his Batman costume one more time I might scream. He's bugged me about it daily for like two weeks. Especially when I had started making Wyatt's and not his. He reminded me hourly that he didn't have a batman costume. Then, when we found the mask in a store he didn't take it off for two days. Wyatt was less than enthusiastic to put on his gittup. I had to duck tape the shirt shut to keep his belly in. That boy can eat! We had a great time at trunk or treat in spite of the cold weather. 
 Robin, the boy wonder
 Brother crusaders
 LoL, I used to love the old Adam West Batman. I wish I could have made a mask like that for Lincoln but I just couldn't get it together. He loved it and still looked awfully cute.

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