Thursday, November 1, 2012

House updates

We have done a lot around here. I mean, alot. After the tornado I decided to repaint the entire main living area. That was March. Then JR put in hardwood floors, that was May. Then we didn't do anything until recently. I hadn't decorated, half my furniture was in the basement because it didn't go with the new paint and floors so after months of trying to sell stuff on Craigslist I gave up and bought paint. And I painted and painted and painted and..... painted. And I'm still not done painting yet!
My new entryway! I took an old red bench, painted it white and had JR put up trim on it and the wall to make it look like a built in. I now have a "mantel" to decorate. I am sooo excited.

 It makes the entryway look so bright and welcoming and it's actually functional now.
Halloween decorations

 A little wreath I made. Been seeing them forever on Pinterest. I can change it out for all the seasons.

 My new light fixture. I love it. I love Pinterest. I made it will crochet thread and glue. It looks sooo much better than that old outdoor fixture we had up there from the builder.

 My new globe. I got it off Craiglist for $15! It's awesome and Lincoln loves looking at it and trying to find Indiana.
 It's taller than Y too!
 My homemade canvases with the family pictures I took. I had three old ugly canvases so I painted the edges white and then cut some poster prints I got for $30 to size and modge podged to the canvas. They look great! I also painted the little dresser with a sea foam green paint that I made into Chalk paint for that old feeling. I sprayed the ugly wicker baskets a metallic grey and it looks so much better! I actually like it now. I was trying to think of what closet I could hid it in before.
 My new pantry! This kitchen has so few cabinets that storage is a problem. I found someone selling a whole set of oak kitchen cabinets on Craigslist and bought them all. I plan on doubling my island with them, all painted black and a new white countertop (hopefully before Thanksgiving but someone, I won't name any names, is holding me back).
 My new backsplash and countertop. I painted our countertop black with a resin top coating. It looks fabulous, nice and glossy like granite. It took some work after a mishap with some Rustoleum countertop paint that had to be covered. JR did an awesome on the backsplash. It all looks great and once I finish the island more pictures will come!
 My growth chart and new location for my Louisville Stoneware plate.
 Matching light fixture for the kitchen
 I also upcycled an old Ikea coffee table. I mixed up this beautiful coral color from some acrylic and latex paint and made it into chalk paint as well. I aged the corners with some of the sea foam green. Then I modge podged a map to the top. It looks so good. Can you tell I like modge podge? That stuff is awesome. I have seen a recipe to make your own on Pinterest so I may have to try it since I used my entire bottle between all of the projects.

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Stephanie said...

I feel like I'm looking through a magazine!!! You all did an amazing job!