Monday, July 2, 2012

38 Months

Lincoln is 38 months. I had to start writing a post so I could capture some of the hilarity of his age right now.

Both boys are on the bed, I hear Wyatt start crying and come out to find him on the floor.
Me: "Did you push your brother off the bed?"
Lincoln: "No, I rolled him off the bed"

Looking out the window at out neighbor's house while they're having work done on their garage.
Lincoln: "Those guys working on Abram's house?"
Me: "What happened to Abram's house?"
Lincoln: "It got broke in the potato"
JR: "Do you mean the tornado?"
Lincoln: "Yes the tomato!"

Lincoln is very good at directions. He knows north and south very well, especially when we're traveling but the translation of things sometimes gets skewed. My favorite was "The sun comes up in the East and goes to sleep in the nest". Of course it doesn't help that all things have a nest to sleep in, except him of course. If we ask if he's going to sleep in his nest he'll tell us "No mommy! I just have a bed". On our way home from a cookout, first time he's been at this place since he was a baby, we decided to go a different route home. At the street we took a left instead of right and he immediately started yelling and pointing in the other direction "No! My house is that way!!". He's still trying to learn left and right.

He can read Old, New, Red, Blue from start to finish to us. He's still continuing to sound everything out. He does great on each individual sound but the final word can be a struggle. I need to figure out how they teach phonics and try that but I haven't put much time into it. I think I was an early reader at 4 but at barely three he's doing great.

He's definitely our little bossy guy too. Although he knows how to ask nicely, and asks to be excused from the table he tends to tell us we need to do something for him "right now". He's still dancing and one night while at dinner he started dancing so I was imitating him and he stops and says "no, no mommy. Like this. With your bottom..." Oh gracious, we're in for trouble.

While in Target one day I said "Jeez-o-pese" (instead of Jeez-o-Pete), Lincoln looks around and says "Where is Cheese and Peas??!"

My parents came up and got the boys one weekend for them to spend the night and they of course hit all the 65 S traffic with the bridge and the Gene Snyder traffic so while in bumper to bumper Lincoln decided he had to go to the bathrooms RIGHT THEN. While my mom was telling him to hurry up with his business and get back in his seat he said "Why? Before Pa throws me out of the car?". LoL.

One day he pushed Wyatt down and got in trouble. Afterwards I was talking to him about how Jesus wants him to be nice to his brother and his response was "Just like I don't bonk Wyatt's dome head on the floor?". Yes, he managed to use bonk and dome head in the same sentence. If you can imagine the term "dome" came from his still somewhat ghetto father and Lincoln uses both terms together - dome head. Sigh.

Whobody - that is the simple most used word by our three year old. All the time, everywhere.... "Whobody is that? Whobody is that guys name? Whobody is he doing". It never stops.

Ficey (Spicey) - he loves spicey food.
Fim (Swim) - He's like a fish, he jumps off the diving board and into the pool.
Fooky (Spooky) - He has a book right now about the Spooky sound and he loves it. Although he does NOT like to be scared. At all. Wyatt thinks it's funny to be scared and Lincoln won't have any part of it unless he's the one hiding to scare me or JR when we get home. Of course it's not quite as scary when the pile of laundry is giggling like a little girl

Sneezes - Lincoln has copied JR's loud and obnoxious sneeze to a perfection. We were driving home one day and JR was on the phone and here it comes, the loudest production of a sneeze you've ever heard. JR of course is so proud that his son has inherited his good traits.

In spite of all of the hilarity Lincoln is still quite a sweet little boy. He has to pray for everyone and everything at night time. He loves everyone, especially all of his family (immediate and extended) and is always talking about them and asking when we're going to see them.

He loves it when it's just me and him up together early in the morning or in the evenings. One day after Wyatt was in bed and JR was at school, we were snapping green beans together and just talking. We started talking about being afraid and how you can pray for Jesus to give you courage and that He's always there. Then I started telling him about how Jesus wants to live in our hearts and he prayed to have Jesus live in his heart right there. It was awesome. Then he wanted to go to Heaven right then and there. Then we get into the "where is it" as he points up to the sky and asks how we get there. The questions are endless.

He thought he would really funny and come out with my glasses on. This child is going to be a handful! But we love him to death.

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