Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Falls of the Ohio

We took a little trip over the weekend to the Falls of the Ohio. Neither JR or I had ever been there and I had seen the prettiest pink sunset the day before. Unfortunately we were a little early and it was a little hot for a calm and cool pink sunset but there was some gorgeous lighting. We were all sweating and made a mental note to wear tennis shoes, old ones, bring something cold to drink and leave Wyatt at home the next time we went. LoL.

Testing out some sunlight. Don't I look cool? Hahaha

Wyatt wanted his own piece of driftwood to throw

Two seconds of rest

Lincoln could not help but throw his stone or wood into the water before we said go, it was like some outside force was making him do it. 

More, more, more

Hmm, what else can I throw?

I love that Wyatt has a walking stick as big as JR. He thought he was BIG stuff, as normal

My big guy

The driftwood was so pretty

Sand, there's sandy beaches in Indiana, who'd a thought?

Getting our play on at the park

Hmm, how do I get away from these people?

 This is normally how the day ends for Wyatt, poor guy.
Night night!!

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