Tuesday, July 3, 2012

13 Months

Wyatt is 13 months now and what a mess that little boy is. He has grown so much since his birthday. Now's the time when they grow in spurts. He's gotten bigger, I can tell by the way he hangs his entire upper body out of the crib when he wants out, we're just waiting for him to start crawling out.

When I tell him something is hot or he feels it is hot he'll blow on it.
He's really close to being able to blow his nose, he'll only do it when there's no tissue up to his face.
He nods his head yes in response to questions and it's adorable.
He dances
He "woofs" as his sounds for every animal and car or truck
He thinks he hilarious when he walks backwards
He still eats everything
Starting to eat with a fork or spoon
He runs everywhere, and it's a very wiggly run too. He's always got that one arm swinging
He "jumps" although there's little if any air there
He says Daddy and Bubby but won't hardly say mommy, I think he even tried saying Rae Rae. All in due time I'm sure.
He loves to read books, although he doesn't get nearly as many as brother did at this age.
He hates the swimming pool
Oh yeah, he loves ice cream.
He likes to flirt, one night at Chik-fil-e he had the attention of some teenage girls and started playing peekaboo with them and blowing kisses and he WOULDN'T stop. He thinks everyone should pay attention to him
He's starting to listen much better but he's already throwing fits, he flops down on his belly and kicks his feet.

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