Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Too cute to not post

So it's been a busy and rough weekend around here. Wyatt and Lincoln have been both been running mild fevers and have congestion/coughs. I came down with mastitis on Friday, thought I was well enough for Dave and JR's birthday celebrations but ended up with a stiff neck and TWO days of massage and adjustments to help get over it. I feel better, REALLY sore from all the muscle movement and lack of movement but so glad to be able to work some tonight and not just lay on the couch in pain. However, it has delayed my exercising which means I have time to post these adorable pictures of Wyatt.

He's in such a happy stage right now. He [usually] wakes up in a good mood and just runs around falling down and cracking up. He's got this look right now, over the shoulder that says "come and get me" or "yeah, try to stop me". He's too funny. I've got to get some videos with my fancy new camera I just haven't been doing it. I'm trying to fully utilize the camera and software that I have now so I can justify an upgrade to Photoshop here in the new future and maybe even a new lens :O )

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