Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gentlemen Bash - Part I

The Huff Brother's Gentlemen Bash was a success. It was a great and chaotic time. I think I need a bigger house. Between family and just a few friends we were busting at the seams, thank goodness for great (hot) weather and kids who like to be outside. We started early and didn't stop until it was almost dark. Thanks so much to all of our wonderful friends and family who came out.
Pinterest might be the death of me. I've been planning for months now with my pinterest boards for this party. But alas I always run out of time. I made the kids each a mustache shirt to take home with them. I love mustaches!! I think they are hilarious.

Note to anyone out there, if you decide to try to dye shirts yourselves go for the liquid RIT instead of the powder trust me on this one.

I've been eyeing these fabric pennants on pinterest forever. I'm going to hang them in the boys rooms when all is said and done.
 Tissue paper pom poms, super simple and at $1 each you can't beat the impact.

I designed some Keep Calm signs, Keep Calm and Grow a Mo, Keep Calm and Stash On, One Day I will have a Mo... LoL. I few others I didn't have time for where With great mustache comes great responsibility. LOL!!!

Keep Calm and Stash on 

My Jute Wreath. I love this thing. I pinned the stuff on there so I can change it out to whatever I want. And only about $10 to make.

In our house there is a cupcake dance because we love them so much. JR made me this cupcake stand and I printed out the little round cards to in them. I could have had a dessert only party.  

I also had pictures of the boys in the shape of 1 & 3 (Another pinterest steal). So much fun. I would totally quit my day job and be a party planner if it wasn't so stinkin' stressful and did not pay well. Ha. More to come....
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Stephanie said...

This is amazing!!! You all did an incredible job putting this all together! Happy birthday to both boys!