Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gentlemen Bash - Part II The CHAOS

Chaos does not come close to describing it! Aren't we a mess? Our families and friends are so easy going and generous but next year will definitely be a no gifts party. The boys racked up with great gifts like bikes, riding toy from Mamaw and Papaw, Sandboxes from Mimaw and Aunt Missy, a beach chair, learning toys, ball poppers, lawn mower, water table, slip and slide and keyboard. Yeah, it's been loud in the house to say the least and we've enjoyed spending some time outide with the bugs.

Let the games begin, you can see some little people already had clothes off from running around outside.

This year daddy helped with gifts which was awful since he can't remember what was from who.

Aunt Ashley, Laila and Uncle Jeremy

Drew, Maggie (best helper in the world), and Ma

Aunt Shell, Stephanie, Anson and Jason


Marshall was such a good helper. Him and Bub get along great.

Y found a chair he liked, alot!

Just enjoying some cake.


Has to get hosed off I was so messy

Chilin with Dad

Nice face Daddy. Beautiful Grandma Huff and Aunt Myrith
Marty (brought his own mustache), Papaw, Tom and Papa.

Katrina, Tim and Isaac



Bub all wet and hot. He was playing so hard he didn't even eat his cupcake hence no pictures of him eating his birthday cake like Wyatt. Y was not leaving a crumb although he did share his frosting with Julia.

Isaac - look at those handsome eyes!

Katrina and Isaac

Yet to come - photobooth pictures!!!
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