Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's a boy!! - Eli James Cabal

I am so excited for my baby sis and Aunt Dave! They're having a boy. Although I was wishing for her to have a girl so I could make some girly things I am super stoked that they're having a boy. Eli James, love his name. He's going to be best friends with Lincoln and Wyatt, I already know it. He's due July 21st if I remember correctly. We had a great time at the "gender revealing" party and I got a few pics as a final farewell to my Canon rebel (which Rach bought so I could upgrade to a Nikon. But haven't learned to use it like my ol' faithful Rebel).

Cutting the cake. I love watching Dave's parents reaction too. There was a picture of Dave getting a big old pat on the back from his dad after they saw the blue frosting. Made me tear up a little bit.

The cake... on the inside was either blue or pink icing depending on what was written down from their 20 week ultrasound. 

The parents to be.

Rachel and Bet. Due only a few weeks apart. 

What a cute belly!


I have such a gorgeous sister. She's going to make a beautiful mother.

That's baby Eli in his first portrait.

Hello? Anybody in there?

Hmm... no idea why I can't get this flipped around. 

Cabals... family of three

I mean golly - isn't she pretty?! So sweet. Can't wait for Baby Eli to get here!!
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