Monday, February 27, 2012

Stats - Wyatt 9 Months, Lincoln 34 Months

It has been quite a while since Daddy wrote a blog post, so while Sarah makes something she saw on Pinterest I am going to update everyone on what the boys have been doing.

Lincoln- Lincoln is getting bigger by the day.  I think that he is the middle of another growth spurt and is getting even taller.  I think that he is going to surpass Sarah by the time he is five!  He is starting to talk more and more and is beginning to say things that we cannot trace the origin of.  Yesterday I put the leaf in the table and when I had it all snapped in place he yelled "TA-DA!".  Neither of us ever use this phrase, but he has picked it up and used it correctly.  Pretty incredible the things that he can say and do.  He is also beginning to learn his states and knows that we cross the Ohio River to get into Kentucky.  He tells us regularly of his plan to fix the old railroad bridge by "picking up the pieces that fell into the water".  He is also very concerned with everyone's emotional well being.  Whenever something is broken or goes wrong Lincoln is quick to chime in with "Don't worry, I'll fix it".  Hopefully he will be more handy than his father and actually be able to follow through on all of these promises.
Lincoln is of course squarely in the middle of the terrible twos and has some epic meltdowns as well.  He is in this phase of taking off his underwear when we put him down for a nap.  This week he did that and then proceeded to have a very smelly accident in his floor.  Needless to say we have discussed it and he has kept them on since then.  We are now in a locking doors phase that I hope ends soon as well. Thanksfullly he's increasing his food pallette and eating more raw veggies, this is a welcome improvement from the past.

Wyatt- Wyatt is getting bigger by the day as well. He's nine months now and so close to walking, or at least we think. He can stand on his own for a few seconds and cruises. He's so funny when he's in a good mood. He just rolls around the floor doing "happy baby" grabbing his feet. He crab walks all the time and he's fast too. He's eating everything, although he prefers to have cut up soft foods instead of baby food and feed himself. We are so thankful Wyatt doesn't seem to have the same avertion to raw foods like Lincoln and has even eaten raw tomatoes, olives, pretty much anything else we give him. Y is very vocal, he has a deep belly laugh that tickles everyone aorund him and he has some strange growling grunting noises he makes when something happens he doesn't like. He prefers to have his mommy all of the time which I think Sarah likes since Lincoln never prefered her until he was 2 or so.

Bubs ridiculous faces


Wyatt feeding himself

Lincoln's hobbit feet. He had this hat and said it was Papa's hat which is hilarious b/c this is something Gordon would/does wear

Mommy and Bub

Wyatt and his fuzzy hair

Laughing at Lincoln's cars racing





Let's see is I can grab those. YY is one presistent little dude. He DOES NOT give up

He also does these carzy things with his mouth. The bottom lip folded over the top, the bottom teeth to the side, the srunched up nose. He has some funny faces.

Crazy face

Wyatt sitting in the chair Grandma Huff gave us. Sarah can't decide between black and white and color sometimes on her pictures


Brothers, Lincoln loves his brother and Wyatt thinks Lincoln is too cool

Sweet boy
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