Sunday, February 26, 2012

Friends and Favs

I love Starbucks. That's it, it's one of my vices. I could drink iced coffee everyday, even when it's snowing. Freeze dried bananas, Wyatt and Lincoln and JR love these! We could probably eat a bag everyday.

Some of our other favs include our friends the Sells, the Kareus Family and Miss Jaci! We were lucky enough to get to see Steph and Scott while they were in town for their nieces' baptisms. It's always a treat to see them and one day we hope they come home and it become a regular occurance. We got to meet sweet little London Kennedy. I forget how little the are when they're babies but she is such a good little girl and treating her mommy and daddy and big brother Carter well. Lincoln is always excited to have friends over and he likes Carter in spite of the yelling and fighting they might share while together. Once again I only wish we got to see some of our friends more often.

Iced Coffee...mmmm

These are delicious! They have all kinds fruit too

LoL, look at Lincoln's face. I love it! If there is one word to describe Lincoln right now it is ridiculous

Friends... good times, I kinda felt like I was in Cheers while taking this picture

Lincolns, Wyatt, Carter and London. Wyatt looks at big as the todllers

Sweet London and Dani. Pretty girls

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