Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's and more....

It has been busy as usual around here. The boys are as rambunctious and ever and with JR and all of his school it makes it harder and harder to get anything done. That being said I have discovered Pinterest and it is amazing. With my sister having a baby this summer, and I'm convinced it's going to be a girl, the adorable craft ideas are endless. Here's my latest two, in addition to the boy's argyle tie shirts I made. I so wish I had more time for this kind of thing, I really enjoy being creative. 
Last week we went for a short visit to see Grandma Huff since we hadn't seen her since New Years and then watched Drew's last basketball game of the season. It was a tough match and he played his butt off. After the game Lincoln was playing basketball with JR and got hit in the face pretty hard, bloodied his lip and nose and the whole time I was trying to clean him up in the bathroom he was crying because he wanted to go back and play basketball with Daddy. As soon as we got back out there he was on the floor again playing ball.... another mini-JR episode.
I saw this owl on esty and created my own pattern. It needs a little tweaking but it's pretty cute. 
Another owl creature, I think this one needs a beak to make it more owl-ish
Sunday morning we had doughnuts with Mamaw and Papaw. We haven't seen them since Christmas.
Papaw and his two great grandsons
YY crawling all over the place  like a mad man. 
Stare off with the rat dog. Y wanted to get ahold of the dogs so badly. These dogs are a little less intimidating than Bob and brown Bob
Cuddle time with Ma
Pa's birthday celebration. Pork burgers, loaded bakes potatoes, german chocolate cupcakes and red velvet cake. Happy "Old" birthday Pa!!!
Eating my sock...mmmm
Beautiful sunset on our way home. 
This morning we woke up and there was snow on the ground!!!! Finally! Lincoln has been waiting all year to be able to ride his sled. He didn't waste anytime. At lunch time I bundled him all up and him and Daddy went outside. Just in time, not an hour later and it was all melted. Poor Wyatt missed out completely since he was taking a nap. You snooze you lose. 
Two thumbs up!
Hmmm, must be cold outside
I love how white snow it. I really wish we had more this year. Last year was too much, this year too little.
Down the big hill, you can see Lincoln was a little bit unsure at first. 
It's a long way down and they were going a good speed. I could hear Lincoln laughing the entire way
It's also a long walk up. Daddy and his mini-me

I love the looks on Lincoln's face

So happy and ready for round two! He tried running up the last bit of hill to go again. Of course he fell once and then slowed down.
 Look at that expression!!!

 Daddy almost lost him off the sled here.
 Again Dad, again...
This is great mom!!!
 My handsome man

Valentine's Day. JR had the stomach bug Sunday night and was out of commission all day Monday but he did manage to give me some beautiful yellow roses, a cover for my Kindle and Reese's. It's been a good day overall.

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Rachel C said...

Can't believe I didn't hear you guys sledding!! I didn't even think about throwing Abrams snowpants on! Oh well.