Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lincoln James Huff 2 years 7 months

Lincoln is quite the little man or handfull depending on the minute we're in. Stats are at 31 months: Weight 34.4 lbs (90th percentile) Height 37.5in (75th percentile), Head circumference 20in (90th percentile), Shoe size 9, almost a 10 now. You would think based on his percentiles he'd be chubby but he's actually quite slim now, just solid and his feet are enormous, still. Hopefully he'll pick up in height like his daddy and be tall. He's wearing 3T everything and even some 4T sleepers and jeans.

 He goes from being super sweet to a holy terror in a split second. He's extrememly chatty when he's with us, when we're in large groups he doesn't tend to say as much but he never stops when we're at home, the van or the store. Some things to note:
ABC Song- I'm going to post a video of him singing the ABC song. We tell him that it's the only way Daddy can wake up, which is the only way to get him to do it. He keeps leaving out J and he says Poo instead of P and the ending is somewhat different. He loves to play the matching game with his shapes cards and we've just started working on states. He knows Minnesota for sure since I went on my last trip there.
Dancing - prior to now Lincoln would throw a royal fit if we asked him to dance. Now he'll bust a move under certain circumstances. It looks more like the wind up monkey with the cymbals or a old guy with a stiff back but it's still pretty funny.
Baseball - Lincoln found a ball and glove that Aunt Missy gave him for his birthday and every night he wants us to throw ball with him. He puts on the glove and holds it out for us to throw the ball into. If we miss he'll say "so close daddy" "Almost mommy"....
Big brother - Lincoln loves Wyatt and Wyatt loves Lincoln. As soon as we hear noise from Wyatt's noise Lincoln is opening up the door and yelling "You awake Wyatt?" and then we'll hear Wyat laughing in no time. The only thing Lincoln does not like is when he's laying on the floor and Wyatt crawls on him and tries to eat his head which results in lots of slobber.
Everything Lincoln eats is "Tasty" or "Delicious". There's some methodology behind deciding which one which we have not figured out yet, nor have we determined where "tasty" came from.
"Perfect" pronounced Puuurrrrr-fect
"Thank you mommy/daddy. That's so nice"
"That's awesome"
"See you later"
"I'm so excited"
"Coming with me?"
"What are you doing?"
"You awake?"
Those are just a few of the many things we hear on a reoccuring basis from that sweet little voice. He also give the "biggest kiss" which can be painful and "mini kisses". He's really understanding this whole Christmas thing too. I love seeing the understanding start to dawn on him. We read a couple of Christmas books and he loves seeing the lights when we go out. We've watched one Christmas show, Rudolph, and he loved it.

For work I had to take a picture of My Three Words (as seen on the Today Show). Here's mine below. I think it's funny to see the different versions.

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