Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Part 1

Christmas was a several day affair for our house. We had a wonderful time the week before since I was mostly off work, catching up, cleaning wrapping. We started our weekend celebration at Mimaw and Papas on Christmas eve for breakfast. We had a wonderful "The Breakfast" of green chili corncakes, chorizo, eggs, white cheese, avacodo, cilantro, tomatoes....mmmm. There was a little bit of unexpected excitement with some medical incidents but everyone is ok, thank the Lord. Lincoln had a great time at Mimaw and Papas opening presents. He got a "bicycle" (actually a tricycle), a computer, clothes, books and Wyatt got a wonderful walking toy (not that we need him walking any earlier than he will be I'm sure).

Bub waiting in anticipation of opening presents.

His computer



Wyatt enjoyed the paper as much as the presents

Not my paper!!!

Getting a little help from brother and cuz

Lincoln checking out his new whips

The boys brushing their teeth. Wyatt loves his toothbrush, probably b/c he can reach those far back places to scratch his gums.

Showing off his big boy teeth

Sweet baby boy

I love eating big boy food. I can't believe how easily he's transitioned to eating food. He's always looking for a bite when we're eating.


Here it comes!


Lincoln trying to pedal his bicycle. By this summer he'll have the hang of it.
Lincoln's muscles are now called Broccoli and Gravy. He tells us all the time. It's too cute.

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