Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Part II

Christmas Eve continued at Grandma Huff's house for dinner and more presents. Lincoln and Lily run Aunt Kate around the entire time they are there. You can see Lily in the picture below peeking out from the corner.
Wyatt obviously has not had enough naps.
Uncle Pete and Wyatt
Aunt Kate, bunny style
Aunt Myrith and JR
Wyatt all in his nightcap ready for bed, with his pillow pet
Uncle Brian in the backround

I absolutely love this picture of Lincoln giving Grandma Huff a kiss after getting his big black bear

Lily, the ever ready camera girl! She was even wearing down by Christmas Eve night.

Lincoln opening up his Bear from Grandmas Huff.
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Wyatt so excited getting ready for Christmas
What a cute boy in his Christmas jacket

Two Christmas's down, three more to come......

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