Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Part III.... the finale

Christmas Day at home is the best time ever. I love having the boys get so excited on Christmas morning in their robes and pjs. Luckily Mimaw had cake and ice cream Christmas Eve for Bubby to have for Jesus's birthday so we didn't have cake on Christmas morning. We had Panetone french toast for breakfast after presents, went to Mamaw's for 2nd Christmas and then Ma and Pa's for final Christmas. Lincoln only broke down a few times during the day. The most epic was while going to the potty at Mamaw's, after trying to hit his cousin Lily when she took away his precious Lightning Remote control car, he broke down and cried saying "No more Christmas, Bubby go home!" Ma and Pa's had another great Variety show this year. Jeremy and Ashley did a cute skit with all of our family jokes, Ma and Pa did a new version to 12 Days of Christmas, the Huff's did a Celebrity North Pole Jeopardy and Rachel and Dave had a pretty intense cat/dog fighting video since Rachel's been too sick to do much else.
Wyatt trying to eat more wrapping paper
Lincoln so excited. His stocking was full of cars that had been taken away from him for throwing some months ago but to him they were all new again!
Daddy enjoying his new kitchen knives

Wyatt and his walking toy
Brothers on their sleds. Lincoln keeps asking when the snow will come back.

 Huff Family Christmas 2011

 So excited!!!
 Wyatt helping Mommy
My Firts Christmas Jammies
Cabal Family + YY
Bubby and his popcorn tin
Cousin ripping into a present

YY and Aunt Dave

Laila and her cute hat
Wyatt helping Laila, or the other way around
New lunch box

Gutierrez Family Skit

The boys enjoying Ma and Pa's show

Love a puppet show

The 12 Days of Christmas

 Celebrity North Pole Jeopardy. JR did a great job on the script, costumes were my doing. 
 Cutest Bumbles and Rudolph ever
 Yukon Cornelias

Cousins- Merry Christmas!
Laila and Aunt Ashley
 Maggie and Rudolph
Uncle Drew

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

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