Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This and that.....

I'm just trying to catch up on my pictures and blogging. Things have been busy, it seems like we've been sick alot

Lincoln's 1st encounter with White Castle at age 2.5. This is near and dear to us since this is where we found true love.... *sigh*
He loved the sliders... and of course the milkshake. Just like his daddy that boy is. Every day he does something that reminds me even more of JR. 

Wyatt around 5 months playing in his room

At this point in time he was sooo ready to crawl and only a week or so away from it. 

Lincoln's constant silly faces. Playing in Lightning car while the weather was still nice

Gutierrez birthday celebration bonfire

JR tending to the fire

whoa, what happened to my head?

Bath time! Wyatt and Lincoln love taking a bath together. I broke down and got Wyatt a bath seat since he was so hard to hold up and he insisted upon sitting in the tub. Not a good idea with rowdy big brother in there with him.

Whoa mom!
Pouring water

Underwear play time!


So sorry Wyatt... you're going to have to be tough to survive

Story time

Lincoln showing off his mad block building abilities. And as soon as he has them built he destroys them. Once again... rowdy little boy

Best friends - Thing 2 and Spider Man (who would have though?)
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