Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving & Christmas Tree

Thanksgiving has come and gone. It was a great time this year. We got to visit with some friends and of course lots of family. We managed to gorge ourselves on parades, food and turkey games once again this year. So sad to see it leave, especially since it brought colds for the whole family. Happy Thanksgiving 2011!

Aunt Kate chasing Lily and Bub. She definitely gets a work out.

Uncle Pete and JR mesmerized by the football game


Just chilin' after a big turkey dinner, catching some Cars flicks, nothing big

All the cousins on the Huff side! This is the best picture I could get, the next one had Bub laying on the floor, and the one after that had Wyatt crawling off somewhere. Lily is the only one who sat still.

4 Generations of Huff! I love it. 

Happy Thanksgiving from the Huff Family! It's so nice to finally get a family picture without someone melting and throwing a fit

Turkey game 2011. Thanks Pa!

Thanksgiving is over which means it's time to decorate for Christmas!

Rudolf, always patroling for cords or cables that he might chew upon
Our most important ornaments

My boys
The Huff Family tree is finally up. It only took us three days to get it done. I once remember a time when my house was clean, I decorated for Christmas in one day and there was peace and quiet. LoL

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