Saturday, August 20, 2011

12 Weeks

Wyatt is 12 weeks, 15 lbs on the dot and such a handsome little guy. He does great on belly time, he loves watching his big brother. He's talking and cooing at up and even laughing when you tickle his belly. He's super aware and observant of all things. He loves his red Baby Einstein bird. Everything can be wrong with the world but as soon as he sees that bird he smiles and tells it about all his woes. He could care less about any other toys when that bird is around, he's a very popular bird. We're starting to get into a routine with me working but still have a ways to go.

Lincoln is still chatting like no other. Everyday he's saying a new phrase and using it correctly, his pronunciation is getting better all the time. "Watch this mommy" is his newest and constant demand. We're working on saying excuse me when he wants my attention but I am talking to someone else. He's very thankful for everything and I love how he says "Thanks Mommy" for everything and sorry ("Sharry"). He tell us his full name Lincoln James Huff and has started playing hide and seek with his daddy but he always tells him where he's going to hide "Bubby hide under baby's bed", etc.

I am so close to finishing Wyatt's room. Just two more shelves and I'll be done. Here's a few shots of it.
Love his newborn pictures
Hiding under brother's bed
Where's bubby?
Love his crib mobile
Bathtime with Big Brother... I would be scared too
I love taking baths with my baby brother.... and "helping" mommy clean him
This is my favorite look of Wyatt's - wide eyes taking it all in
Talking to mommy
Laughing because she's hilarious
Laughing at my favorite bird
There he is - the best bird ever

oh and then.....
Pretty boy
It is never fair when a boy has eye lashes like that.... they are beautiful. I love Wyatt's eyes.
Oh no, two wild and crazy boys after eating some s'mores - can you tell?

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Stephanie said...

What a cute room! And cute cute boys! JR's write... the ladies are going to have to watch out for the Huff boys! Can't wait to see you guys!