Wednesday, August 3, 2011

10 Weeks and Swimming

10 weeks! My baby is already 2.5 months old. He's around 13lbs 12oz. Although he looks enormous his weight gain has slowed down. He's still smiling and talking, rolling over, sleeping great and just s joy. He loves the pool, almost as much as Lincoln if that is possible. We went last week to ride the train in New Haven and Bubby had a blast. We went to the zoo with Bub's first girlfriend Savannah and new brother Sawyer and swam several days in a row. We also saw the new Winnie the Pooh movie. Oh how I love being on maternity leave and how quickly it is coming to an end.
Jumping in the pool with no fear
Lincoln LOVES jumping in the pool. I've never seen a little kid jump in and get out and jump in as many times as he can

But then again I think it might be in his blood, since dad is the same way
Dad loves the pool too!
My fish
Oh, that cool fist goes everywhere with me
Chillin' in the shade
Yum, love those hands
Hey there!
Awww, such a big boy
The "boys" playing in the pool
Trying some kind of trifecta at the pool, throw to the diving board and then the slide. The kids couldn't hardly swim b/c the dads were taking up the entire pool. Boys never grow up.

Lincolns loves the slide and the diving board
Swimming with Savannah and Sawyer the day after our exhausting zoo trip
Sawyer was such a sweet guy and slept most of the time
Wyatt slept most of the time, luckily. Too hot to hold him
The best picture I could get of Savannah and Lincoln at the zoo. It was HOT!
That face! What a stinker.

Waiting for the train. SO excited!!!
Wyatt's first train ride as well
Cheesing with my conductor hat on
So serious about this train stuff
I love trains!

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