Sunday, September 4, 2011

13 Weeks and Mommy's Birthday

The state fair happens to be my favorite place to go and it luckily also corresponds with my birthday, so you guessed it - we went to the fair for my birthday! I don't know if it's the food, the giant pumpkin (which we never made it to this time....weird how kids can change your normal go around of something), the cakes, the rabbits, the ugly lamps, or the PEOPLE that make the fair so much fun but I can never get enough of it. It was of course disgustingly hot, but we all managed to have a good time. We went with Jaci, Dani and Carter. Lincoln is still scared of Farmer Fred and cries everytime I try to get him to talk to him, Wyatt's 1st fair was fairly uneventful. We only made it through half of the Amazing JUMP dog show because we were melting, we had a smorgous borg of fair food at out table. JR had the Krispy Creme doughnut burger with cheese, bacon, katchup, mustard... everything. Ugh. We had fried oreos, fried veggied, grilled corn on the cobb, greater tater, gyros, hotdogs.......pineapple whip. Wow, that's alot of delicious food. We wrapped it all up with a massage from the massage queen, Aunt Rae Rae.

My actual birthday I was greeted with flowers, presents and breakfast before I had to go work, followed up with yummy fish tacos with my family. We celebrated with mexican food and a bonfire for Mimaw's, Aunt Kate's and my birthday..... lots of birthdays and lots of celebrating.

Scary Farmer Fred
Lincoln loved climbing in the vehicles set up my the army
Carter was showing his cool face
Jaci, trying out the Challenger... she decided to go with the Camero instead
Melting at the dog show
Petting the goats with his buddy Carter
Carter could not get enough of the animals
What a cute bunny!
An almost family picture, Wyatt was sleeping in the stroller and it was too hot to take him out
Mmmm......heart attack on a plate
Fried oreos
Bub eating "nacks mommy"
Snoozing at 13 weeks
Despicable Me cake
Love my fist
Aunt Rae Rae working her magic
Sitting in an ambulance... as soon as he saw it he just had to climb in.
Wyatt starting to grab at things, he loves having a blanket to chew on, or in this case wrap around his head
What a big boy!
Happy birthday mommy - don't we look good first thing in the morning?
Lincoln HAD to try on all of birthday gifts, apron, exercise clothes...
Can you say morning breath!
Ahhh.... we look a little more put together in this picture. I love my boys (all three of them!)

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