Saturday, July 23, 2011

7 & 8 Weeks

At 7 weeks the only remarkable thing we managed to do was go to Hubers. As you can see from the pictures below Wyatt was very active. Big brother did enjoy it quite a bit in spite of the heat.

Wyatt is still a sweet little man. Cooing, smiling, rolling around and screaming his head off during belly time :O )

The pictures in blue are all at 8 weeks. I love the smiles!!!! He's such a strong little man. Even though he doesn't like belly time he can hold his head up remarkably well. He's always observing things as well. He love the pool. I will have to post some videos of my water boys. LoL. Lincoln has turned into a fish this year and Wyatt will actually go to sleep in the pool. What a great year to be on maternity leave, with the hot summer swimming is about the only outdoor thing we can do.

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