Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wyatt Daniel Huff

Wyatt Daniel Huff was born Wednesday May 25 9:59 am weighing in at 8lbs 6oz and measuring 20.5 in. I never thought he would come! I was still feeling really good and over the weekend we went to the zoo, a baseball game, planted our garden and worked around the house all the while not believing I Align Leftwas going to have a baby anytime soon since I felt so good. However by Tuesday I was wearing down, we made a trip to the chiropractor, had Mexican food, got a migraine, stayed up until midnight cleaning the office/nursery thinking maybe this would be the day. I woke up at 4am to some intense contractions and my water breaking. We got settled at the hospital around 6m, Pa came and picked up Lincoln. By 9 am I was ready to push and at 9:59 Wyatt Daniel arrived! What joy they bring. When JR said we had another little boy I was so happy. We thought from the beginning he would be a boy but at the end there's always some doubt. He's such a good little boy. He doesn't cry a whole lot but he does let you know when he's hungry and it seems like it's quite often. Lincoln loves him. He calls him Baby Y-Wyatt. They look nothing alike, for now. Wyatt definitely has some Gutierrez features, tons of long black hair, jowls, skinny legs and bottom.
38 Weeks
39 Weeks and feeling great
Around 7 am pre-Wyatt, saying bye to Bub
Baby Wyatt arrives at 9:59am. Clark started Kangaroo time so they pretty much cut the cord, pile some blankets on him and I and let us bond and nurse
Bub meeting Wyatt
Daddy and my boys

Grandma "Ma" and Wyatt
Pa and Bubby
Aunt Kate
Getting all checked out in the nursery
Bub on the other side of the glass, he wanted to be where the action was
Baby Wyatt under the lamps
Daddy and Wyatt
Mom and her boys
Bub was a little exhausted of it all
Big boy
Almost looks like a smile
Mamaw visiting. Thanks for the gifts, both boys loved them
Ready to go home!
Such a little guy, since Lincoln was never this small and now he's so big it makes this guy look itty bitty
Awww, look at those precious cheeks!!!


Sara said...

Congrats! What a beautiful bundle of joy :) So happy for you guys! Love all the hair :)

Rachel C said...

He's sooo adorable! I love the pic on here of Lincoln with his nose to the glass:)

Mark and Beth said...

he's beautiful! definitely looks more like a gutierrez than lincoln did:) it's nice to have them resemble you a least a little bit after nine months of hard work:) how is that we have such big babies? my sister had her 2nd girl on the 27th and she was only 7lbs1oz. i was a little jealous!:) hope you are feeling well. you look fantastic! enjoy two! so much fun. keep the pictures coming:)
p.s. lincoln with his nose to the glass is also a favorite of mine. you can just tell he's sooo excited!

andee said...

Congratulations!! Enjoy this special, special time! Hope you're feeling well!