Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2 Years Old

So Lincoln is 2 years old now, it's hard to believe how the time flies. He's starting to speak in sentences which I love. He describes what he sees in pictures, sometimes with actions and words which is too cute. He's the sweetest in the morning. I love the mornings when I get to wake up to him on my side of the bed saying "Hi Mom" and giving me kisses and kisses and more kisses. It's his happiest time of the day and I love it, especially when he gets in JR's face and yells "Up Dad, up!!!". He can name every letter in the alphabet, although there are 3-4 that a little sketchy sometimes. He knows how to sound out some letter as well. We're still working on colors but he still knows blue and red for sure, thanks to his blue Lighting McQueen (Boo Lighnin') and regular Lightning cars. Disney's Cars is his favorite movie and he know all of the characters. Chuggington is now his favorite cartoon. I think he might love trains more than he loves cars and trucks. He gets so excited when the train comes by the house, I think he could watch it all day long. He can spot an airplane anywhere in the sky. He's still got a little bit of a temper, which I always say comes from JR :O ) when he doesn't get his way. He likes to stomp his feet and hit things. Sometimes it's hard too not laugh and his antics but we're hoping he will learn to control his temper soon. He's still a very sensitive little guy, if he hurts anyone he'll immediately kiss the exact spot that hurts and he does not like it when other kids cry, it makes him upset. He's swimming, which we can't wait for it to warm up and swim all summer since I'll be on maternity leave. By far my favorite thing is Lincoln's newest phrase, which is "No way".

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