Monday, March 3, 2014

Naps, hair and food

What a cutie! I'm trying to get rid of the last cradle cap Grant has so I used some coconut oil on his scalp and in return got to give him a phohawk. So adorable. 

Daddy can sleep anywhere with anyone and I am so thankful. I can not lay down with the boys, I can't sleep, but JR can. Obviously they love it. Little man had a stuffy nose so he wasn't sleeping in his crib. Look how long he is!!

Trying out some bananas and prunes. He loved it but it didn't seem to sit well with his belly.

My Saturday morning cuddles. Love these boys!!!

We eat hummus by the vat fulls. My kids demand it with their veggies and I am more than happy to comply.

Trying out a banana. Couldn't get a grip on it.

Not so sure about this thing.

Again, Daddy to the nap rescue. JR came home from school and it out faster than the boys sometimes.

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Rachel C said...

whats your hummus recipe?