Monday, March 3, 2014

Grant 6/7 Months

 We finally got around to taking Grant's 6 Month pictures. He's now 7 months and weighs 21.2lbs and is outrageously big. He's in 12 months clothes, although alot of pants don't fit around his waist. He just started crawling on 7/28/2014 although he's been up on hands and knees for a while, planking, and rolling everywhere he needs to go. He loves sitting, he will just sit in his high chair while I work in the kitchen. He's sooo sweet and content. He's usually just along for the ride, he sleeps, he eats and he smiles. We started trying just a little baby food but it hasn't been going over very well with his belly, he spits it up most of the time so we're taking it slow. I love this little man and my big men of course.

Lincoln and Wyatt are getting sooo big too. We're starting back at our old daycare this week until JR is out of school in June. With all of these snow days it may be later in June than we would like. Other than staying busy that's about what we've been up to. I'm hoping I can post more regularly but with Facebook it makes it hard to take the time to blog anymore.

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