Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Snow of 2014, the never ending winter

This winter is the longest and coldest that I can remember. I don't remember having so much snow since I was a kid. And it's been so cold, with windchills in the negatives so it's been too cold to go outside. And the ice.... don't get me started! It melts and then all comes back again. We even got spoiled with a couple of random days in the 50-60s and then BAM polar vortex all over again. So in all of that Grant hadn't even gotten to experience his first snow. Finally we got a gorgeous snow, the kind that you want to be out in for hours, and we were but it made driving conditions awful. We went out and shoveled, sledded, thew snow balls. Grant sat in his stroller in the garage the entire time just being his content little self. I love that big guy, all of them to be exact. 

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