Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Grant Gordon Huff 7-23-2013

He's here, he finally came! I was so disappointed we did not have a baby on JR's birthday. I thought that would have been so neat but little Grant was in no hurry to get here. And I tried everything. On my due date we went walking at the zoo in 90 degree weather, I ate mexican food, nothing worked. Sunday was no better but Monday came and I had to go back to work I knew something was different. I didn't feel good, I had a headache all day, was exhausted but still managed to make a crib mobile after work and convince my family to go walking on the downtown walking bridge. It was hot!! And the boys were over it about half way through the walk, Wyatt demanded to be carried but they did enjoy seeing the boats from uptop. It was only 1.5 miles and by dinnertime I knew it would be the night.

Contractions started at 9pm around the time I put the boys to bed. I told JR it was the night and he decided to go exercise, that was his bad. I tried laying down for a little bit, called my mom and at 12 they were every 5 mins for 2 mins and I called the Midwife and she said to go on in to the hospital. My water still hadn't broken which was different for me since it broke both times with the other boys. My the time we were at the end of the driveway, and dropping off some mail :O ) I knew we didn't have much time. The ride was eventful to say the least, I got sick all over the car, Ugh. When we got to the hospital my contractions were more like 2 mins apart and I made JR get a wheel chair because there was no way I could walk. I thought I was going to strangle someone in registration or check in at the hospital. They took me to the holding area to check me and ask me all the questions and I was NOT happy. I wanted to yell at someone that this was the real thing and just take me to a room, I wanted to get in a tub sooo bad. By the time they rolled me into a room I broke my water and told them I was going to start pushing, just about the time the midwife walked in thank goodness. It was the hardest labor ever. With my diastasis recti my core is so weak it was really hard, but once I was able to splint my abs while pushing things went faster. Of course little man (or what I thought was a little man) was not turned right so they had to turn him before he could come out and he had a fist up by his face, which is exactly how Lincoln was. Luckily after 45 mins of pushing he decided he would come on out at 2:35am. He turned out to be 9lbs 12.3 oz and 21 in. I could not believe it, I mean I could because it hurt but I could not believe it. I am so thankful I was able to do it naturally again but with my big babies it wasn't over then. They had a hard time getting me to stop bleeding so we spend the next three hours in agony worse than delivery getting things to firm us, I know I know TMI.

I looked after JR and told him I could not do it again and did not want to do it again. I want 4 children so bad but if God has that in our plan it will happen.

Grant is an excellent eater, not problems there. He sleeps well, he's so sweet and his brother's love him. We are so blessed and happy he's here after 10 long months of waiting.
 Meeting brother for the first time. Lincoln's face was priceless when he walked into the room. He lit up and had this sweet little smile on his face while looking around for his new brother.
 Wyatt was excited too but his attention tends to wonder. He does ask everytime he enters a room where the baby is. Big brother's have to keep an eye on their little ward.
 So sweet, I love all three of my boys.
 Daddy and his second mini-me
 I will not be able to tell this picture apart from Lincoln's one day.
 My sweet boy.
 I am sooo swollen here! But it was all worth it and I'm happy to say I only have 15 lbs left to lose and my shoes fit now.
 Day 4 at home. Took a paci from the start and has no problems with eating. I am so happy. We already feed laying down together from day 2 on.
 He doesn't have toes, he has extra hands. Those toes are longer and skinnier than Lincoln's were

 Awww... I love a new baby. They're so squishy and sweet.
 The boys shooting some hoops on Daddy's new basketball goal he got for his birthday
 Lincoln thinks he has to have his basketball shoes, headband and wrist bands on to shoot ball.
My little YY has changed so much. His build has become stockier and sturdier and he's so rough but loving. 


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Kelly Basham said...

Congratulations Sarah! Your family is beautiful! You have to change the title of your blog now!