Monday, July 22, 2013

38 weeks

38 weeks was eventful, the baby was dropping so it was extremely uncomfortable but at least the weather was cool. We enjoyed a few 4th of July parties and some fireworks. This was probably the max of my stress throughout this pregnancy. I had alot to do and felt like not enough time, work was all wrapping up, the baby's room wasn't done. It was hectic to say the least but we managed to spend some time at the zoo which the boys love! And I love that we don't have to take a strolled for them. It makes it so much easier but I guess that will change soon. Wyatt loves the Giraffes, Raffs, and Lincoln has discovered the zoo map and loves finding where we are at every point in our trip.

Wyatt was helping JR exercise one night when the "booms" as he called them kept him awake on 4th of July. It was entertaining to say the least. He would huff and puff when JR would and he thought he was big stuff. I didn't think that child was ever going to go to bed.

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