Monday, June 24, 2013

35 weeks

I haven't been taking any real belly shots but 35 weeks is looking pretty big if you ask me. I've been craving watermelon and lots of it. Maybe it's the weather and heat or maybe it's just a craving. I guess it's better than ice cream. LoL. I have people who are amazed at the size of my belly and others than tell me I'm small. I think I'm pretty much on track to be the same size I was with Lincoln and Wyatt. We'll see how much this little guy weighs when he gets here! The boys are excited to meet Baby Grant, especially Lincoln. Lincoln talks about him all the time and keeps telling JR that Baby Grant will be here soon, on daddy's birthday! I can't wait to meet this little man and as much as I'd like pregnancy to be over I would prefer he waits until the week of his due date to arrive. Between work and home I have plenty to keep me busy until then and I'm moving alot slower than normal. 4 more weeks little man!

My messy little eater
I don't know how these boys are so different but Lincoln is usually pretty neat when he eats and Wyatt is all over the place.

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