Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012

Lucky for me my husband can not wait for anything. He insisted that Christmas Eve morning we let the boys open their stockings. I gave in as we were trying to rush out the door to our first of 4 houses over the two days. I have to say I am thankful for his impatience and we left the camera at Grandmas house and didn't get to take any picture Christmas morning at our own house. Lincoln was super excited about Christmas this year. It was so much fun with him and Wyatt doesn't really understand but fed off Bub's enthusiasm for it all. Both boys did a great job not touching any presents before Christmas morning at our house, I was surprised Wyatt did so well. 

 So excited!

Huff boys - Christmas 2012!

 Christmas with Mimaw and Papa 2012! And Bob of course...

 Christmas with Grandma Huff 2012

 Of course I didn't get any pictures at Mamaw's Christmas but there were our own Christmasn morning and then Christmas lunch at Mamaws in between...... busy busy busy. Wyatt was so tired he didn't know what to do and Lincoln was falling asleep in the car in between houses. 
 Gutierrez Christmas 2012


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