Sunday, July 29, 2012

More of baby Eli

We got to visit with the Cabals for a little while as they killed time to go home this past week. It was nice to just sit and talk. Lincoln is fascinated with Eli and much sweeter to him than to his own baby brother. Wyatt could care less if there was a baby around, other than to scream and try to push him out of my arms while I hold him, jealous little bud. 
Lincoln holding Baby Eli, he's prayed for Baby Eli almost every day since he was born.

 My sister looks so good you wouldn't believe she just had a baby

 Someone likes to suckle, paci boy for sure
 He's such a pretty baby, fair skin and hair

 Hmmm, what are you looking at??
 I made him really angry with my flash here, he has the cutest little squeal when he gets angry
 Sweet feet
 Long and thin

 Isn't he pretty??

 Dave has been bit by the daddy bug. He's first time dad right away and it's awesome. A new baby is so amazing and everything the do or don't do it amazing to their parents. 

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