Thursday, July 26, 2012

JR's 30th Birthday

Yup, that's right. JR turned 30! He's such an old man. LoL. We had a wonderful time celebrating, over the course of a week. We had JR and Dave's birthday tacos with my family, we had a family day at Lynn's Paradise Cafe while Bub was at VBS and we had an awesome day of ribs and lots of good sides and dessert with JR's family. Overall I would say it was a good one. I think he's decided on his birthday present... a basketball goal. It will be nice for him to be able to burn off some energy and shoot around and teach the boys how to shoot a big basketball. So now the hunt begins for a good deal!

Quick pik of Wyatt's new love - corn on the cobb
Lincoln being ridiculous and eating a sandwich, about the only thing he will eat anymore. Sandiwhiches and cereal
The old man at Lynn's Paradise Cafe
Wyatt and a silly face
Where's my food??!
A little trivial pursuit before our food comes.... I think I'm going to put a bowl of laminated cards on the table so we can randomly quiz each other.
Wyatt loved Lynn's, there were flashing lights and obnoxious lamps everywhere.
Pre-Bourbon Ball French Toast
Yeah, it's alot of food and it's delicious
Post Bourbon Ball French Toast
Wyatt playing on the playground and Cherokee Park
Wild hair

Mom and YY
Sliding like a big boy at 14 months
Daddy playing around like a big kid.
Yeah, just had to show that he can still dunk at 30.
Happy Birthday Husband! We love you, Wife, Bub and Y


Curtis C. said...

Basketball goal? I'm there! (I can't dunk though...)

Rachel C said...

Aw, Happy B-day JR! We didn't know!