Monday, June 4, 2012

To the Beach....

Yes, so we decided on the Thursday before the Gentlemen party to go to the beach. It was really our last chance before JR started school and then student teaching that we would be able to go and after all the party stuff I needed a break. It was so nice not to have much time to pack or think about packing. We had a nice long drive down there. We left at like 3 am and both the boys decided to try to not sleep any. But after it all we made it to lovely Gulf Shores, AL - our favorite beach ever and had wonderful weather and missed the crowds and the storms.

Y is not a fan of being his car seat. He cried a good deal of the time when I wasn't giving him snacks or hr wasn't snoozing for a few minutes. 

Lincoln did great in the car, the DVD player our course helped. I can't even count the number of times we watched "Buzz, Jesse, Bullseye and Woody" (Toy Story 2). 

At the beach! First thing we did was run out and let the boys get a feel for the sand. 

Whoa, the ocean

Wyatt was not a fan of the ocean for the first couple of days. 

Bub on day 1, ready to go with his puddle jumper on. 

Y ready to sit with his snack and climb all over mommy.

Ha, this was the most still either one of them was the entire time

Mr. Cool

Mr. Cute

There was some blissful peace on the beach when Y got distracted and actually played in the sand. They were few and far between. He mostly wanted to run around, sit down in front of strangers and stare at them or eat cigarette butts off the beach. 

Bub kinda sorta playing in the ocean. Only enough for the water to get his legs

yup, running away. 

The Original Oyster House

Delicious fried green tomato shrimp thing here. JR ate fried shrimp at EVERY single place we went

Whoo hoo! I've got the wind in my hair and lovin' it!

Back at it again

Where did Bub go?

There, there he is, over there.

Wyatt got this chair for his birthday and he loved it! All he wanted to do was climb in, stand up and shake it while yelling. Finally JR even refused to bring it out with us to the beach
Hmmm, I don't think you're going to get very far that way Bub

 Brothers, this pose doesn't ever last long

 Cool Daddy
Ridiculous faces, just like Dad

The evenings on the beach were wonderful. We were like old people, they boys had us up at 6 am everyday so we were usually on the beach by 7 or 8, back inside by 12 for naps and then back out at 4 or 5

 Y's crazy hair

The "Cool" face

After a tumble while walking on the beach and hit with a wave from the ocean. 

This is the only thing Wyatt wanted to do on the beach (after his chair got taken away) was walk in one direction (his choice) as far as he could go and then we would pick him up and carry him back to our stuff, screaming, and do it all over again. He didn't want to hold hands or for you to point him in a direction. He thought he was big stuff. Although I guess he was since he turned 1 on this trip. 

The great thing about this beach is how shallow the water was for at least 50 yards, no drop offs and warm water. We only had one encounter with a jelly fish and manta ray and never even swam in the pool, always the ocean.

Walking on my own, big stuff 
 Daddy and Y in the ocean
 Bub telling Y where the tracks came from. Y is actually listening, I think. They are starting to be really funny when they interact. The get laughing and it is hilarious. They can also be sweet and give hugs and Bub tells Y he's his best friend and he loves him and then they can be mean and hit and take toys away and yell at each other.... brothers.

Lincoln wanted to be held in the ocean, which was fun to do since it was so shallow you had to squat and try not to get hit in the face with waves. 

 Really mom? Another picture. Wyatt was in hog heaven at Lamberts, all you can eat sides of fried okra, fried potatoes, tomatoes and macaroni and of course throwed rolls.
Lincoln even caught a roll 
Hmmf, where's my food?
 Daddy waiting on his fried shrimp (which was delicious here)
 Taking a break from the sun, after Lincoln got a little sun burn and rash, on a Dolphin cruise. My white boys both got burned and me and Y got brown.
 Cool dad

 My boys who have both decided they want to be mommy's boys.
 Cheese, we saw lots of dolphins

 Checking out the water
 Still trying to get Y to swim in the ocean
 Nope, I want land and my chair
 My little repeat

I love this, JR and I tried to get a picture by ourselves but when Lincoln saw the camera flashing he jumped in really quick. LoL
Huff Family vacation 2012
Last day at the beach, taking it all in at 7 am. Great weather this time of day. Haha

 Mommy and her boys
See you later ocean. Lincoln must have asked us a hundred times where they ocean went when we left.

 Daddy and his boys
Haha, a tumble in the sand and hit by a wave. Hysterical

Just walking along... nothing big

Wyatt loves to stop and look between his legs, and of course get covered in sand


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