Thursday, March 29, 2012

35 Months

Lincoln is 35 months now... almost 3! He's such a hoot. We just laugh at him.. when we're not shaking our heads in frustration. He is and alwasy will be my strong willed child. He's potty trained other than #2, we're still working on it. He wears big boy underwear and does everything on his own. He dresses himself for the most part. This week he even started dancing again, and I'm talking fancy feet dancing... footloose style. I have no idea where it came from.
'Don't worry' 'Perfect' 'That's better' "hmmm, haaaa, Let's see...' are some of his signature phrases.
He's awesome at directions. He knows how to get to Mimaw and Ma's house. He can most of the time tell of which way is home, he remembers everywhere we've been.
Lincoln can also sound out every letter of the alphabet. He's started reading some 3 and 4 letter words. I can't believe how well he does with phonics and the alphabet. However he still forget the number 4 sometimes. We read books everyday, sometimes twice. Right now his favorite is Sam and the Firefly, PE Eastman.
The Hulk... is has come back now that we're trying to get Y to do it. Of course it's a giggly Hulk now.

Ridiculous faces... all the time.

Pretending to be asleep.


Big guy, he's slimmed down but he is still so solid, a little over 36 lbs I think.

A real smile!

Favorite spot! Lincoln was at this window or the back door the entire time JR was cutting grass. He loves his daddy.
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