Thursday, September 15, 2011

15 Weeks, 28 Months & Zoo

Ok, seriously. If anyone knows someone who's looking for a GREAT commuter car, tell them to give us a call. Love this car, had it since I started working at Cummins and wouldn't be getting rid of it if I didn't have to. JR wasn't feeling me keeping this just for my commute.

This is going to be a running script by pictures so I can try to relive the last week or so.
Great car, no joke.

Big boy at 15 weeks. Haven't weighed or measure him in a while, need to do that.

Big brother. Lincoln has been going through some major changes, he's really matured the last week or two. He's still talking up a storm but has made a big jump in how he says things. Tonight he told JR - No, Daddy steal Bubby's dip (B/c JR took the bowl of salsa from in front of him)

Yup, Wyatt was exhausted watching JR clean the kitchen. He fell asleep sitting in the bumbo.

Haha, a trip to the zoo. The weather got bad and then it got really nice again. I love fall weather. I just hope it stays that way for a while.


Lincoln loves the carousel. He always makes sure to point it out in his Thomas book and say that Bubby ride the carousel.

Hi Mom!

Lincoln kept telling us he wanted to go to the Library to see the Giraffes. It took me a little while to figure out he meant the zoo. These are the ridiculous faces I get from my 2 year old when I ask him to smile.


OK, I'll take a silly smile over none

Once again with the faces!

Mom, bub and the elephant

"Hangin'" with dad

It never seems like the lions are doing much more than this

Yup, again....

Dad and Y-Wyatt

Wyatt was soo awake this trip to the zoo. He got in the moby and just looked and looked. I love that it was cool enough to actually wear him.

The silly polar bear who does nothing but this dance in and out of the door.

At least there is air conditioning in the extravagant new set up for the polar bear who never leave that door.

More to come......

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