Sunday, September 4, 2011

14 Weeks & ABCs

Wyatt rolled over! Although belly to back has been in his repertoire for a while he has now added rolling from back to belly. He's been trying for a few weeks but has only gotten to his side until tonight. It shouldn't make me excited that he can do this b/c it means I can no longer leave him on beds unattended and that he will start making his way all over the house. He weighs 15.8lbs!! What a chunker, but he's so cute! I could just kiss those chubby cheeks all day, they are great. And he is a big talker, bubble blower and cooer. If you're not talking to him he's not happy. His giggles are too funny and one day I might actually catch them on video. You can tickle him and he just laughs, during his adjustment at the chiropractors he just laughed and laughed b/c it tickled him. Oh, and counting my blessings since he's made it 3 nights this week sleeping 8 hours!!! I can't believe it, one night I had to wake him up to eat so I could go to work. It's amazing, I didn't know babies actually slept but he does so good.

In Lincoln news...... he can now tell us his full name - Lincoln James Huff and Wyatt's name - Lincoln James Huff Wyatt :O ) My little daredevil has now determined he needs to jump off of every piece of furniture that he can climb on. He loves his new minivan and he started singing the ABC song! It's the first time in a long time he's tried to sing, since performing is OUT of the question. He can make it all the way to L in the song but it's too cute how his voice gets all high pitched. He's still working on potty training and we have good days and bad days. And his sentences just keep getting long and better everyday. He can communicate almost anything he wants, needs or just has to tell us. Love my boys!

Rolling over!

The biggest boy

Trying out my jumper.... "dancing" as Lincoln calls it

What a big bink

Haha, getting the hang of this


What a tired boy.... can't resist the swing

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