Tuesday, June 21, 2011

4 weeks and Father's Day

Wyatt is 4 weeks tomorrow and weighing in around 11 pounds, he's really a growing boy. He's sleeping pretty good although he likes to be awake from 10-12 at night. We had a wonderful Father's Day. JR is such a good dad, he's so active with the boys and takes great care of them. We couldn't ask for a better husband and father. Happy Father's Day Daddy!
Papa with the three grandkids on the Huff side
Happy Daddy's Day - as Lincoln told JR. Just chillin' while breakfast was being made
Father's day is exhausting
My little duck and frog. Thanks Aunt Hannah for the towels. They love them! I love Wyatt's face, he's always making a stank face
Those cheeks! Although they're smaller than they were at birth they are huge!
Brother playing with the tape measure, love his tools
Obviously Wyatt is thrilled big brother is holding him
Hungry kisses
Yup, this one looks like me
I never got to post anything about our 5th Anniversary. Happy Anniversary Husband!
My boys
Crazy face
Our first trip with Wyatt to the zoo. It was hot!
Laila, looking like a big girl in her stroller
Cousins or rather Double Trouble
Wyatt's 1st trip to the zoo at 3 weeks old. He's a seasoned traveler by now. We've hardly been at home since he was born. He's going to be used to being carted around for the rest of his life.

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