Sunday, January 2, 2011

Huff Family Christmas 2010

It has come and gone. What a wonderful time of year. We had so much fun this year. This was the first year since we've been married that we had our own Christmas morning at home. We celebrated with JR's parents Christmas Eve day, Grandma Huff Christmas Eve night, our house Christmas morning, Mamaw and Papaw's Christmas lunch and my parents Christmas night. It made everything much more relaxing and Lincoln got somewhat of a nap. We were also moving him to a twin bed the last two weeks so nap time and bedtime have been more difficult. Hopefully we're be done with his room this week and I can most pictures.

Bub got more toys than he will ever be able to play with. He had so much fun playing with the dogs at Grandma and Papas. He followed his little cousin around Grandma Huff's all night, she's a cute little blond about 6 years old. As soon as she walked in the door he was stuck to her like glue. I am in so much trouble. LoL. We played a naughty elf gifts game at Mamaws and Papaw's and had a variety show at the Gutierrez house. What fun! We had a luchadore fight between Amigo El Elfo (Buddy the Elf) and Santa Diablo (The Devil Santa) over a Christmas tamale. It was hilarious. I will have to post a short video at some point in time.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!
Huff Christmas! Lincoln was not happy about the hat at first, he's getting used to it. Loves the farm though.
Playing piano with Lily
All dressed up in mom's new robe, LSU hat and beads!
Our first Christmas morning as a family at home. So much fun!
Of course the only thing Lincoln wanted to play with was the hot wheels we got him. It was a struggle to get him to open anything after that.
Dad got his favorite tea from Teavana
If I have to open them...
"Helping" mom open her gifts
Huff Family 2010 Christmas. Next year will be +1
Christmas and Uncle Drew
Grandpa, of course both Caleb and Lincoln must be picked up at the same time

Luchadore fight"Elfo"
Cutest Luchadore I've ever seen. Amigo El Elfo

The Ninja Shepherd
Rapping Elf and Mexican. Christmas rap to "Big Pimpin'"
Grandpa and Grandma's marionette show
Loving some bath time"Helping" dad put up more shelves in the closet. After he got to "help" put together his big boy bed he's very into tools and building. He now has his own Black and Decker tool set so we can take away the mallet from him and real screws he tries to carry around and put into the walls
Screws, sharp ones
Ahhh, found this massager and it feels so good on my head after all that building!

Merry Christmas 2010!!!

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