Sunday, December 12, 2010

19 Months

Lincoln's now 19 months. I have to say I've seen the biggest change in him this month with his expressiveness and responsiveness. His dinosaur "roars" have gotten bigger and better, he's more expressive when responding to people (mostly in a shy manner). He loves to "jump" and is actually pretty good at getting both feet off the ground without falling down. He loves to make "touchdowns" while playing ball. He can identify almost every picture in his 100 Favorite words book, except colors. He still loves to dance to any kind of beat, including Away in a Manager that plays on his Nativity set. He actually went out and played in the snow. We had to drag him out of it once we were too cold, LoL. Have I mentioned how much this boy likes cars and trucks? He can entertain himself for hours with a couple cars and trucks. All boy.
Eating a sandwich like a big boy. Whatever mom and dad are eating (as long as it's not veggies) he wants

"Helping" mom make chocolate cupcakes
The first snow of 2010
Oh no, I fell and have snow all over me!

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