Saturday, November 6, 2010

18 Months

Lincoln is now 18 months. I can't ever say enough how much fun he is and it just gets better, and more challenging at the same time. He's communicating better, more aware and interactive. He loves his cousin Caleb, his dad and dogs and most of all cars (which say voom voom). He could play with his cars all day long. He's a solid little man. I think he's around 30 lbs right now but it feels like 30 lbs in a bowling ball compartment. I can't carry him for more than 10-15 minutes without my arms feeling like they're going to fall off.
He now jumps which sometimes is him crouching down and then lifting one foot up or today he started actually jumping but instead of landing on his feet landing on his bottom, it looks like it hurts. Everytime he enters a room or someone else does he says hello or "hewo". At JR's cousin Brandin's birthday he held a cell phone up to his cousin Lily's ear (who just turned 1) and was saying hello for her.
We are so blessed and I finally pulled a couple of my favorite 18 month pictures to share.

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Sara said...

Love the tux pictures. J has a 3-piece pinstrip suit waiting for his 18 month photos. I can't wait!!

He is getting soooo big and is as handsome as ever! I am pretty sure Aubbie only weighs about 33lbs LOL.

Take Care! xoxo - The Herters