Saturday, August 7, 2010

Science Center Fun

Friday and Saturday night the Louisville Science Center has $5 admission. I thought it would be a great thing for us to get out and do. Give Lincoln a little freedom to run around and explore. It was well worth the money, although the majority of the Science Center is for an older crowd. We had fun running through the kids zone and some of the Sesame Street displays. Afterwards we had breakfast for dinner at iHop and Lincoln ate 3 pancakes and 1 scrambled egg after having snaps while waiting. What an appetite!
Puzzles and books were my 1st stop!

The coolest car track in the world. We had to trick him into leaving the cars behind.
The constructions zone.. or destruction in Bub's case
Driving the bus
Behind bars... haha
Up to Big Bird's feathers!
Eating in the soda shop! Or at least playing in there...
The Fly eye family picture
Some sort of ugly car thing going on downtown. There were some cool cars and some just plain weird ones..
Aww... so shy - yea right
Mom and me

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