Saturday, May 8, 2010


Lincoln's 1st Birthday party was alot of fun, alot of work but still alot of fun. It was a terrible day, lots of rain but everybody was troopers and made it out despite the weather. Lincoln just didn't know what to think of having everyone over. He gets kinda serious when there's so many people to watch but he got to play with his friends and got lots of love from family. Overall a great day and we're so grateful to have such wonderful family and friends.
Opening presents, everytime I got something cool mom took it away and gave me another bag and tissue paper. I didn't really understand.
Hmm, that looks like a good book.
Cool, what is it and can I eat the paper?
My 1st Birthday Cake. Mom made it and will probably never do that again.
Mom was afraid I would grab that flame, and I tried.
Hmm, not sure about this
Mmmmm, not too bad...
So delicious that I had to use both hands...
The worse of it

Carter enjoying some cake, the blue stuff is courtesy of Lincoln grabbing his cupcake with blue hands. Nice.
Me and Cuz Caleb, just chillin in the Lightning McQueen car mom and dad made me....
Cousin Lily
My future, not to near future, girlfriend Savannah
My buddy Carter
Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Andrew
Grandma Huff
Aunt Myrith and Grandma Huff
Aunt Shell, somehow we missed cousin Ty in this shot.
Mamaw and Papaw
Grandma, Papa and Aunt Kate... pretty much done with the whole smiling thing at this point in the day
Saying goodbye to cousin Lily..

One year down...many more to go.

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