Thursday, May 27, 2010

1st Trip to the Zoo

We got a membership to the zoo, as a birthday present from Mamaw and Papaw for Bubs. He loved it! Everything except for the Dinosaur exhibit..... one of them growled and scared him and he would not let go of us for the rest of the walk..not worth the money. Otherwise he loved going and seeing the "Caas" (Cats), "Daas"(Ducks), birds and what we call dogs (pretty much everything else). He's into talking to the animals so it's so much fun and we'll be going alot this summer.

Cheese head
Cats.... wow
I do not like that dinosaur....
Crying on my shoulder
Still not letting go...
The Louisville Zoo, our new stomping ground
Aww...cutest little boy ever. What a sweetie he is, especially early in the morning still in his jammies.
Looovvveeesss his organic dog from Auntie Kate

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