Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Cookout

We had a really nice cookout with some friends yesterday. I didn't get many pictures but here's a few. There were a bunch of kids there. The picture with Lincoln and Carter started out with just those two and then little Caleb, who was so sweet, decided he wanted to "cheese" as he called it. We couldn't get little Thomas to join, though. But these are too cute.
Lincoln and Carter just hanging out. Lincoln is a cuddly little guy and Carter does not like to be touched. Needless to say that Lincoln is always in his personal space. Added one! Caleb decided he would get in on the action. He would say "cheese". Too cute.
Three handsome guys...

Uncle Meers and Aunt Katie.... Awesome picture.

Thanks Jaci and Steve for having us over. Sorry we stayed so long ! LoL.

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